Yvette Cuthbert

Acrylic, Concrete,
Public Art

My own personal challenge this year is to create 150 images of Canada in predominantly Red and White. This has been quite an interesting process, seeking out the images as well as executing them, I have learned a lot. In the past I have done a variety of images of places I have been. I love travelling, seeing different cultures, and nature. I take loads of photos and love colour.
I think Public Art really adds to a community and when you involve the community in the process, it builds pride and ownership as well. I have created two concrete benches in parks here, as well as two murals, and have instigated several other public art projects like the geese at Stride Place and the Plaza at PCI, as well as the entrance signs to the city.
I am the organizer of "Celebrate the Night" a part of Culture Days, a night festival Sept 30, 2017 that is free to all. I am always looking for performers, light installations, projection art and in general anything that will add to the night festival.

Phone 204-856-7923


Concrete Bear
Canada 150 Challenge
acrylic, 12 x 12"

Canada 150 Challenge
acrylic, 12 x 12"
Canada 150 Challenge
acrylic, 12 x 12"
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