John Nielsen


I was born in Manitoba and have lived most of my life there, more than half of it in Portage la Prairie.

I have enjoyed drawing and painting for all of my life but it wasn't until about 1990 that I was inspired to take up art more seriously. Since then I have taken several courses and workshops, but most of what I have learned has been through constant practice and by studying the masters. I have taken part in numerous exhibitions and have had over 25 solo shows.

I have experimented with several media but feel most comfortable with watercolour. When making art, my goal is always to come up with an image that is attractive and interesting and has at least a touch of creativity.

I have been retired since 2006 and most of my interests are art related. I am a member of the Portage Camera Club and a volunteer with the Portage Arts Centre as a member of the Hanging Committee.

I lead a quiet life with my wife Donna. We have a daughter and 3 grandsons.
John Nielsen

Phone 204-857-3242

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John's portrait taken by:
Doug Braden

Entering Niagara
photography, 16 x 20", $185
Low Lying Fog
photography, 20 x 16", $185
Sky Scraper
photography, 20 x 16", $185


The Stone Angel
digital art, 20 x 16", $185
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